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The Fearless Freedom Formula™

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Before you begin the course, please join the private Facebook group. This group is only for people enrolled in the course. It is a place to share experiences, get support and help others. 

When you request to join, you will be asked to supply your Facebook name, email address and the answer to a secret question. The answer to put into that box is, "Sovereign Space". 

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Course Structure

Fearless Freedom Customers
5 Lessons

Module 1: Recognizing the Effects of Toxic People

The lessons in this first module are designed to increase your awareness of the effects of energy parasites on your life. This increased awareness will come in handy when you start using the tools in the upcoming modules to be able to neutralize this sort of negative influence.

Course Introduction & Overview

Welcome to the Fearless Freedom Formula course! This lesson will give you a quick overview about the five topics that we're going to cover in the five modules of this course.

Module 1, Lesson 1: Two Important Perspectives

In this lesson we're going to talk about the two perspectives that will give you the most
leverage, the most bang for your buck, and give you the most effective results from
taking this course.

Module 1, Lesson 2 – Where Are You Now?

In this lesson we're going to talk about how to spot energy parasites and especially the,
gauge of where you are in the process. It's important to know where you are so you can
see your progress as you go forward in the program.

Module 1, Lesson 3: What To Look For

Now that you know the places and people who trigger old responses, here's some detailed guidance about how to spot those responses before they get too much momentum.

Module 1, Lesson 4: Who, What, When

In the last lesson we talked about the kinds of internal responses you might notice when
you're around toxic people. And that's really valuable to know, but it also helps to know
what the external situations are, where this might happen. That's what we'll talk about in this lesson and especially the three things to be aware of in terms of when you might notice these things.

Fearless Freedom Customers
5 Lessons

Module 2: Mental Metamorphosis™

In this module, you will learn the first powerful way to begin to neutralize toxic, negative energy from others. 

Module 2, Lesson 1: What We Will Cover in Module 2

In this lesson, you will learn a powerful way to understand how your mind works and
also get a technique that is extraordinarily effective at stopping the toxic negativity of

Module 2, Lesson 2: The Structure of Awareness

In this lesson you're going to see a graphical representation of how our perspective and
perceptions on the world impacts our quality of life. This will be excellent foundational information for the exercise you'll be learning shortly.

Module 2, Lesson 3: What is “Inner Chatter”

In this lesson we're going to elaborate on the concept we touched on in the previous lesson: the concept of inner silence.It’s the ability to stop that mind chatter. It is so important, because as I mentioned, when you are busy talking about an experience, you cannot actually be having the experience of whatever's happening right here and now.

Module 2, Lesson 4: Stopping Inner Chatter

This is the first very important exercise. In this lesson, we're going to cover the three steps to turning off internal dialogue. This is so important. And it's fun because you get to play with your brain.

Module 2: Bonus Technique for Reaching Inner Silence

Welcome to the bonus lesson on how to turn off the inner chatter. You will learn an additional way to stop that incessant inner talking.

Fearless Freedom Customers
2 Lessons

Module 3: Claiming Sovereign Space™

The next step in claiming Fearless Freedom is understanding the energy space around you. This module shows you how you can take charge of this energy space.

Module 3, Lesson 1: What We Will Cover in Module 3

In this module, I want to introduce you to the concept of Sovereign Space.

Module 3, Lesson 2: Claiming Sovereignty

In this video, you'll learn this three simple steps to claim sovereignty over your energy
space. The process is simple, but it's also very powerful.

Fearless Freedom Customers
2 Lessons

Module 4: Using Natural Forces to Clear Your Energy

When you can use powerful natural forces to support your clarity and strength, your ability to neutralize negativity increases many fold. This module shows you how to do that.

Module 4, Lesson 1: Module 4 Overview

In module four, you're going to learn how to use the powerful natural force that we'll be using for the final exercise in the course. The natural force I'm referring to is gravity. Now, it might sound a little simplistic or basic, but remember that the most powerful techniques are often the simplest

Module 4, Lesson 2: How to Make Gravity Work for You

In this lesson you're going to learn the basics of how you will use gravity to clear
your Sovereign Space.

Fearless Freedom Customers
3 Lessons

Module 5: Neutralizing Toxic Influences

In this final module, you will bring together all that we've covered previously in the course. 

Module 5, Lesson 1: Module 5 Overview

You now have all the pieces necessary to do this exercise, this final summary Exercise. Once you learn this, you'll be able to use both the essential techniques, inner silence and clearing energy for neutralizing the toxic energy of others. This final exercise is very, very powerful and because of this, there are situations where you should not do the full exercise. I'll give you a modified version you can do. These situations include if you are or suspect you might be pregnant or if you have an abdominal or an inguinal hernia, something like that. Also, it is best not to do this full version of the exercise if you have emphysema or asthma or some other kind of serious breathing disorder. You will want to modify it or just do the simplified version. And of course if you experience any pain or discomfort when you do it, don't do the full version. Just do the version that I'm going to give you as an alternative.

Module 5, Lesson 2: The One-Breath Exercise™

Here's where you're going to learn the final and ultimate exercise from this course. As I mentioned, this is a very powerful exercise and yet at the same time, it's quite simple. The name of the exercise is The One Breath Exercise™. You're going to see exactly how simple it is. But also there are little details to pay attention to while you're doing it.

Module 5, Lesson 3: Refinements & Variations of the One-Breath Exercise™

In this lesson you will learn a very, very important variation on the theme of The One Breath Exercise™.