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The Inner Strategy for Fully Claiming and Strengthening Your Personal Power

For those who want to stop toxic people from dragging them down...

5 Easy Steps to Better Quality of Life 

"I am an empath and other people’s energies can adversely affect me. I always use your approach in these situations. It instantly changes my energy and shifts my emotions for the better. In several instances my anxiety has been triggered due to outside circumstances. I used these techniques and quickly felt calmer. No one deserves to live in fear or worry. Thank you for these techniques. They are a gift to me to learn how to live my best life."

~ Sheri Kite, Reno, Nevada

Do you want to spot and avoid the negative influences coming from others?

And have the ability to stop these influences in their tracks?

Then this message is for you...

CEO of The Fearless Freedom Project

I'm Bruce Eichelberger,

Doctor of Oriental Medicine, 

Taoist Abbot and CEO of

The Fearless Freedom Project™

I've spent over 47 years exploring powerful techniques for self-growth. Techniques for finding inner peace. Techniques for living a life of fearless freedom.

And techniques to neutralize the effects of negativity from others.

If you want real, results-based skills and techniques for protecting yourself from the negativity you run across daily... if you want to increase your inner strength, confidence and clarity as you move through your life... then the approach I'm about to share with you is the most direct, effective and practical way to go. 

I want to show you how you can neutralize any negative thoughts, feelings or emotions coming from other people... 

There are two things necessary to do this. And both involve doing things that you already know how to do. The key is how you do them. 

Why Listen to What I'm Saying About
Neutralizing Negativity from Others?

Most people who know me now have no idea about how I was when I was younger. They don't know that growing up I was often affected by the energies of others. 

I was easily overwhelmed around people. It was frustrating! I didn't know why it was happening. And, I didn't know what to do about it. 

Then, 47 years ago, at age 21, everything changed. 

I call the reason for the change, the "bully's gift." As you might gather from the name, I ran across someone who saw me as an easy mark for his negative energy dumping. And he was overt enough about it to cause me to worry about my safety. Once I realized where it was going, all I could do was to pack up my stuff and move to another state in the middle of the night.

So why would I say this is a gift?

Once I landed in my new location, I immediately sought out someone who could teach me how to protect myself. My original teacher was a Grandmaster of an esoteric Eastern martial art. He showed me the causes of my overwhelm. He showed me ways to neutralize the negative energies of others. And no, it wasn't about physical fighting prowess. The most powerful and effective techniques were much more about intention and energy This learning started the journey of reclaiming my power... and my life.

I have explored and refined these techniques for over 47 years. And now I am on a mission. I want to offer you the opportunity to - once and for all - reclaim your power and neutralize negative energy. I've distilled the process down to a handful of easy to understand and apply steps. And I've tested this process with hundreds of students. It works.

Who Experiences These Negative Energy Effects?

  • Empathetic People
  • Sensitive People
  • Care Givers
  • Non-confrontational People
  • Good-hearted, kind, loving, altruistic, authentic human beings
  • People who look for the good in others at all costs
  • People who tend to confirm the feelings and overlook the flaws of others

How Do You Know When You're Affected By Negative People?

Take a look at this diagram and see what stage you're in regarding negative people affecting you...

Signs Negative Influences Affect You

  • Becoming tired, depressed or anxious from being around certain people
  • Feeling like people with negative thoughts, feelings & emotions seek you out to dump on
  • Being told to “get a thicker skin” or to “toughen up”
  • Wondering all your life, “What's wrong with me?”
  • Feeling like you frequently encounter toxic people
  • Sensing there is something unfair about how people treat you... after all, you're a kind and well-meaning person
  • Wishing you had a reliable way to stop the stress from others affecting you negatively 

Experiencing any of these is maddening. And if you are having these experiences, wouldn't it be great to be able to change that?

Fully Claim Your Personal Power...
and Naturally Stop Toxic Influences

You've probably read books or articles talking about this problem. But have they been able to offer you relief from the negative influence of others? At best, you get mental or visualization techniques that for many people don't help. At worst, they talk about your situation without offering a solution.

Sure, these techniques might be fine when you are alone, but they are much harder to make work in day-to-day living.

What you want is practical results. You want to move past your limitations, not be crippled by them. And focusing on the problem only makes it persist.

Instead, focus on the outcome you want... being strong, resilient and immune from negative influences. And at the same time, feeling free to express your true self.

What if there was a simple, direct system for doing all this?

You CAN Stop Negative Influences Affecting You

And Fully Claim Your Personal Power At The Same Time...

I've only ever taught this to private clients before. But these days many more people need this information. That's why I've created an online course that gives you the benefits of this system. 

Offered Publicly For The First Time...

The Fearless Freedom Formula™

This online course gives you everything needed to neutralize negative influences from others.

The 5 Modules lay out the foundation for transforming your life. Everyone I've taught this to has a similar experience. They remark how much easier it is to move through the world. Their interactions with others improve. And they feel a new-found confidence.

  • 1
    Specific Techniques. You will learn simple, but powerful ways to be free of the negativity of those around you.
  • 2
    Efficient and Effective. Once you understand how to apply what you learn you can clear any unwanted effects in as little as one breath.
  • 3
    See results quickly. Most students notice improvements within the first week. And these improvements keep increasing over time.

All Modules are accessible online from any device: that means you can learn from anywhere.

Who Should NOT Enroll in This Course

This course if not for you if...

  • You are someone who loves accumulating information on your computer. Things only change when you take action.
  • You are someone who thinks it has to be complicated to work. This program gets straight to the point and the techniques can be done by anyone
  • You think you've heard it all before. This program contains Unique Information, Instruction and Support you cannot find anywhere else
  • You are not ready for results. Some people become comfortable in their less-than-optimal situation and don't want to improve. If that's you, you should not enroll.
  • You think you need to change who you are for things to get better. Actually, you are already perfect. The key is that you need to learn the simple shifts that will fully open the potentials of who you are.

Can you answer "YES" to this question?
Are You Ready to Fully Claim Your Personal Power?

If so, click the button below to get started.

What People Are Saying

“The difference is like night and day...

“The difference between you and anyone who previously worked with me is like the difference between a brain surgeon and an interior decorator. YOU are the brain surgeon just to be clear.

Janet Damschen
- HR Professional

“No one deserves to live in fear and worry...

“Over-thinking, worry, and fear have been constant for me. I am an empath and other people’s energies can adversely affect me. Using this approach, I have learned simple breathing techniques that instantly change my energy and shift how I feel.

I highly recommend this program.

Sheri Kite
- Business Owner

“I’m standing up straighter, have more energy and am aware of things around me in a deeper way.

“While stopping to have a drink after work one evening, there were no empty tables so I ended up sitting with some people I didn’t know. While there I became very aware of the strong energy of the woman sitting at the end of the table.

When I asked her about why her energy was so strong, she replied, "How did you notice my energy?" I told her that I was doing some exercises that increase my awareness of energy. She said, 'I’m a practicing healer, but almost nobody ever notices my energy like this!

Russ Bergin
- Researcher

Fully Claim Your Personal Power Starting NOW!

Sign up now to start your journey to a better quality of life. You'll get immediate access to the course. I can't wait to hear the positive changes you experience from using these techniques! Click the orange button below to get started. 

More Feedback About The Fearless Freedom Formula

“I am able to see negativity and stop it in its tracks.”

I am more aware of my surroundings and more at peace with myself. After seeing the benefits and changes in my life, I want others to have the joy and peace that I have found in this course.

I’m so grateful for you Dr. Bruce! I would absolutely recommend The Fearless Freedom Formula!!

Metasebia Bekele
- Physician Assistant

I'm valuing myself more in the communication...” 

“I've never had any trouble expressing myself, speaking my mind. What is different is why I'm doing it. I'm now including me in those communications in a different way. It's like I'm valuing myself more in the communication. It feels really good.” 

Angela Bogard
- Retired
Bruce Eichelberger

Creator of

The Fearless Freedom Formula™

About the Author

Dr. Bruce coaches people to help them activate their purpose in life. And part of that process is to fully claim their personal power.

He draws from diverse disciplines. These include Oriental Medicine, Toltec traditions, Buddhist teachings, martial arts, and modern research on human potentials. His gift is to distill complex subjects into practical, actionable systems and techniques.

The Effects of Negativity are Real

It's not just in your head. Many studies show that being around toxic people has real-life consequences. In a Harvard Business School study, they found negative people at work caused:

  • 80 percent of employees lost work time worrying about offending employees' rudeness
  • 78 percent said their commitment to the organization declined because of toxic behavior
  • 63 percent lost work time in avoiding the offender
  • 66 percent said their performance declined
  • 48 percent decreased their work effort

 “How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?”

This is an excellent question! Many people who've tried various ways to stop negativity affecting them don't succeed. They get mixed results at best because they aren't using a proven system!  

This was the reason I started looking at what worked well for me. The Fearless Freedom Formula™ is the result. This is the exact process I use myself. And I've taught hundreds of others these same techniques. When you apply what you learn, you will benefit. This has been true for everyone I've taught this to.

And I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. You'll have 90 days to see for yourself how this program benefits you.

I am a healthier, happier person as a result of this newfound knowledge.

“I just want to thank you Bruce, for sharing this art form with me and changing my life. I am a healthier, happier person as a result of this newfound knowledge.

Virginia Castleman
- Retired

How Does This Program Compare to Others?

Fearless Freedom

  • Practical, action-oriented techniques
  • Related, simple processes for getting the results you want
  • Guaranteed results
  • Group support 
  • Techniques work very quickly

Other Solutions

  • Abstract, conceptual information
  • Many different concepts, not necessarily tied together
  • No Guaranteed results 
  • No group support
  • Take much longer to see changes

Here's What You Get

  • angle-right
    The Fearless Freedom Formula™... Offers you practical, effective tools for fully claiming and strengthening your personal power (and stopping negative energy dumping!)
  • angle-right
    Discerning Energy Predators Framework™... Gives you the roadmap to freeing yourself of others' negative influence.
  • angle-right
    Mental Metamorphosis™... Shows you the specific and crucial first step to stop drawing negativity to you.
  • angle-right
    Claiming Your Sovereign Space™... Empowers your ability to choose what you allow to affect you
  • angle-right
    The Cultivating Energy Manifesto™... Makes sure you know exactly how to stop negative influences cold. And it does it in a way that you'd probably least expect!
  • angle-right
    The Neutralizing Negative Influences Process™... Supports keeping your clarity and strength in the face of outside negativity.

My attitude and outlook on life is better and I feel overall much stronger.

I learned these exercises from you a year ago. They felt really valuable to me, so I kept up my practice over the last year.

Now that I am learning more about the underlying ideas, I can see how they have affected me over the year. My attitude and outlook on life is better and I feel overall much stronger. These exercises are a huge gift to me in my life. 

Jill Smith
- Business Owner

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. Apply these techniques for 90 days. If you don't see improvement after that time, we will give you a full refund. All we ask is that you can show proof you've sincerely applied these techniques to your life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of support do you offer?

Once I register, how soon will I have access to the course?

How can you guarantee results?

​I'm not an aggressive or confrontational person. How can I stop negativity without losing my integrity?

​How long does it take to go through the course?

P.S.: This is a special introductory offer. Future editions of this course will cost more.

I am limiting the number of students for this offer. Once we reach the limit of students, we will close the offer. If there are no openings when you try to register, you will have the option of getting on the waiting list. We will notify you when enrollment opens again.

If you want to learn these inner power techniques, enroll now while there are still spaces open.  

The Fearless Freedom Formula Course



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